Why Choose SkyTrak For Indoor Use?

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How Much Space Is Needed For Your SkyTrak Setup?

One of the many attributes of SkyTrak is the limited space a setup requires. Go as BIG, or as convenient as you need! 

Sky Trak requirements


With SkyTrak, the only space requirement is that you’re able to comfortably swing a golf club!

Radar requirements

Radar Systems

Unlike SkyTrak, radar based systems can require up to 21 feet of space indoors. 

Why SkyTrak for Indoor Use?

  • Minimal space is required. The only requirement is that you can comfortably swing a driver in the room/area.
  • With SkyTrak, experience real-time, accurate data without the need to mark or place any measuring device on the golf ball
  • No confusion on where to place the ball. Find the red dot and swing away.
  • Access to tremendous software and mobile app. Multiple options for use of virtual driving range and game improvement features.
  • SkyTrak partners with all of the best simulation software on the market. You have your choice of where to play!
  • Compatible with PC, iOS and Android devices.
  • Build out your sim room the way you want with no variables compromising the data and results.