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We make it easy to trade-in your old launch monitor, clubs, and accessories for credit toward a SkyTrak+. Enter the details and we’ll provide you with an instant quote.

How it works

Give Your Old Gear a Second Life

SkyTrack and 2nd Swing Golf have partnered to offer you an opportunity to sell back your launch monitors, golf clubs, and accessories so you can upgrade your simulator, your bag and someone else's.

1. Select Your Old Gear

By utilizing the 2nd Swing value guide below, see the value of your trade-in and secure the highest possible return.

2. Ship Your Old Gear

Once received by 2nd Swing, their knowledgeable team will conduct a careful inspection. Afterwards, the final amount will be credited to you.

3. Receive Your Payment

2nd Swing will release the credit or payment within 7-10 business days (either via check or PayPal).

Choose your Gear

Get Started

To start the trade-in process, utilize the 2nd Swing Value Guide to determine the value of your equipment. The step by step guide is easy to follow and will result in an estimate of the trade-in value of your selected gear.

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Commonly Asked Questions.

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How do I get paid?

Payment can be made either by check or through PayPal. In case you opt for a check, 2nd Swing will send a physical check to the address registered on the account. If you choose PayPal, the payment will be made via direct deposit to the PayPal email address provided on the account. It's worth noting that PayPal levies a 2.9% convenience fee for direct payments.

What is the conditions scale?

Under the trade-in program, 2nd Swing has established three distinct condition categories. Clubs that have never been hit fall under the "New" category. The "Average" category encompasses the majority of used clubs that show light-to-normal wear and tear. The "Below Average" category is designated for clubs that exhibit advanced wear, such as visible paint chips, scratches on the face, or sky marks, among other signs of damage.

Where can I find the condition scale?

In case you have any specific queries regarding the condition guide, you can click on the question mark next to the condition while adding a club to the cart. This will direct you to pictures displaying various examples of each condition.

How does shipping work?

At the time of checkout, you have the option to opt for prepaid FedEx shipping labels priced at $9.99. These labels have a flat rate and can be used to ship boxes of any size. The cost of the label is subtracted from the total order cost. Please note that the $9.99 fee only covers the shipping cost and not the box or packaging materials required.

How long will it take for my order to be completed?

After your package arrives, 2nd Swing requests a period of 5-7 business days to fully process and assess your trade-in. Once the order has been thoroughly processed, you will receive a comprehensive summary email detailing all the items received.

What if I have questions about the received value of my trade?

Once your order is complete, you will receive a comprehensive summary email. If you have any queries or encounter any issues with your order, feel free to call 2nd Swing at 612-208-1455, and they will be happy to address any questions you may have.

What if my trade-in is not listed?

In case you wish to trade in an item that is not listed, you can send an email with photos of the item to the 2nd Swing team. They will review the pictures and determine if they can provide pricing for the item.

What happens to my current gaming licenses or membership plans?

There will be no change to your simulator subscription or membership plan that you were using with the SkyTrak Original. Once you've registered your SkyTrak+ device, you will be able to sign in with the same credentials to access those features.

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