Times When I Wish I Had a SkyTrak

/ By Will Blackard, Intern

Before working at SkyTrak, I never felt the need to own or even hit on a launch monitor. My mindset was always, why hit play on a golf simulator when I can play the real game, outdoors?” Now that I have been exposed to SkyTrak, I find myself wishing more and more that I owned one, and it is often at times that I didn’t expect.

I wish I had a SkyTrak the most when the weather is bad. Too often I have been planning a round with friends and then a pop-up storm or other bad weather prevents us from being able to play. It is hard to let go of that desire to play golf when you’ve been planning a round, so when bad weather hits I always wish that there was some way I could play. Aside from rain, having a SkyTrak in the winter months would make it easier to continue to play and work on my swing. Every summer I try to play as much golf as I can because I have more free time and the weather is nice, so consequently my game gets a lot better. However, once fall comes around, my schedule fills up and the weather worsens. As a result, my golf game takes a hit. When the season starts in the Spring, my golf game is back to square one and I feel like I’m starting over. I always enter the Spring and Summer wishing that there was some way I could have kept my swing in good form in the off-season,” and that is very much possible with SkyTrak.

Another reason I must get a SkyTrak is for time management. A golf outing takes a lot of time, and one often has to plan their entire day around it. Sometimes, if I get a little window of free time I would like to have the luxury to play for just an hour or practice. It also can be a hassle to load clubs into the car, change into some sort of golf attire, and drive out to a driving range or course. For times when I just want to practice or play for a short period of time, it would be nice to be able to stay home and swing in whatever clothes are comfortable. Lastly, and I think a lot of amateur golfers can relate to this, sometimes I am a little embarrassed to practice in front of other people on the driving range. Especially after a bad round, I’d like to hit a few more shots to work out the kinks in my swing. But, I don’t want other people on the range to see my game when I’m dealing with the shanks. When I think about being able to play and hit shots in the comfort of my own home, my only thought is I MUST MAKE SKYTRAK A PART OF GOLF REPERTOIRE.