What Does It Take To Win The U.S. Open?

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

For a golfer, the month of June is known for two things: Fathers Day and the U.S. Open! In my opinion, the U.S. Open is the most stern test for a major championship. No matter the venue, the course setup will test every part of the player’s game. Finding ways to save par and sometimes bogey, can be a major momentum shift. While each venue is different, all winners have a couple of attributes in common. Attributes that us recreational players can apply to our game. 

  1. Patience.
  2. Taking One Shot At A Time.
  3. The Right Shot At The Right Time.

The first attribute is patience. We all know golf takes a long time to play. If we are struggling in the beginning of the round, we often get discouraged. We try to force shots trying to make up for our mistakes and that often leads to even bigger errors. 

This leads into the second attribute — taking one shot at a time. In a recent blog, I talked about the phrase my college coach always made it a point to tell us every chance he had. Stay in the moment, focus on the process.” It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the round of your life or if you are hacking the ball around the course, you will have to take one shot at a time and stay in the moment. Too often the everyday player is already thinking of their score 4 holes into the round. Or, when a player is having a career with 5 holes left, they start thinking about shooting 68 for the first time. When the round is over they are sitting at 75 wondering where it went wrong. The professionals will face the same type pressure at Torrey. They will have to take one shot at a time and live with the result, good or bad. 

The final attribute is hitting the right shot at the right time. I recently watched a video with Tiger and he was talking about not aiming at the pin. His aiming point varies based on the shot he is faced with. The U.S. Open is notorious for penalizing errant tee shots and missed approach shots into the green. So, having the discipline to hit the right shot and take your medicine” when necessary will be on full display during the U.S. Open. 

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