Transferable Practice

/ By Andy Allen, VP/Managing Director

Have you had the experience of a great practice session, hitting every shot like you intended, only to discover when you get to the course, the perfect driving range swing and tempo is eluding you? As an avid golfer for over 35 years, I can attest — It has happened to me on numerous occasions! 

Practice styles on the range, short game area or even the putting green typically fall into one of two categories – block style or random style practice. In block style, you repeat a certain skill/swing over and over. This repetition can help rhythm, tempo and timing, however too much of the same thing can be dangerous. Random style practice focuses on varying routines and distances to improve shot making. Both styles work, however, the random style gets you out of swing mechanics and more focused on feel and creativity. 

With SkyTrak, you can practice using both styles. Along with accurate data and distances, your practice sessions will more easily transfer to the golf course with improved shot making and lower scores. The SkyTrak practice range with customized target greens and fairways provides the perfect opportunity to practice and improve. I identify certain aspects of my game that I want to work on and set the target greens to work on distance control and use target fairways to practice shot shapes and working the ball in different directions. 

The new randomizer in Skills Assessment provides a great opportunity to work on feel and distance control while tracking your tendencies at each target. The save feature allows you to build your Skills Assessment practice session based on your game and anticipated distances. Along with the Wedge Matrix and Bag Mapping tools, SkyTrak gives all golfers the opportunity for enhanced practice sessions that transfer to better scores on the course. Personally, the Wedge Matrix has helped me pull the right wedge and swing length for shots of 100 yards or less. My proximity to the pin and confidence in my short game has really benefitted from this type of practice on SkyTrak. 

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