Track Your Progress

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

Playing golf in college, each time we practiced on the range or went out on the actual course we kept up with our stats. From fairways hit to greens in regulations, each month we would look at every category and see what needs improvement heading into the next month. 

Keeping up with your target goals and the practice required to reach those goals will only make your practice more intuitive. Now that I’m out of college and don’t get to the course as much as I use too, I’m thankful that SkyTrak has two features that allow me to track my progress like I did when I played in college, Skills Assessment and Bag Mapping. 

Each month I use the Skills Assessment feature with the randomizer to go through the entirety of my bag, seeing what my dynamic handicap is and seeing what my tendencies are with my irons and driver. Each month my tendencies will change. The direction will stay the same, but my distances will change. From being short and left of the green to long and left, the Skills Assessment allows me to know exactly what will happen on the golf course and it makes it easy to track my progress. This also allows me to have a clear goal when I practice. 

Knowing your tendencies before you get to the course will allow you to plan before and adjust during your round. Having a short right miss tendency, you can adjust by aiming left and taking more club! The Bag Mapping feature allows me to tinker with my bag setup. Like most golfers, I like to add clubs in certain areas of my bag and take clubs out. The Bag Mapping feature allows me to fill my distance gaps between clubs. Knowing how far each club goes is crucial when you’re in a pressure situation on the course. Knowing your distances will allow you to play less stressful golf. 

I challenge you each month to track your own progress through the Skills Assessment and Bag Mapping features. See if your distances change and if your Dynamic Handicap goes down.