The Right Shot At The Right Time!

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

The Traveler’s Championship is known for dramatic finishes. From Jordan Spieth’s dramatic hole out from the bunker to Jim Furyk’s record 58, you never know what to expect when the pro’s tee it up at TPC River Highlands. The course offers an exciting 4‑hole finish from a very gettable par 4 to a very precise shot required on the par 3 16. 

We’ll start with a look at the 297 yard, Par 4 15thhole. The drivable par 4 often times is the shot that determines the tournament winner. When looking at a short par 4, the question is always should I go for the green or layup? If we have learned anything from golf this year, distance and hitting it closer to the green gives you a huge advantage over the competition. Using the SkyTrak practice range feature set the Practice Fairways to medium and see how many you can hit with a driver. See how close you can get to the 297-yard mark. Notice how offline you are from the fairway. Next, take out a club in your bag for your fairway finder.” See how many fairways you can hit. From there, the strength of your short game will come into play. Can you hit your driver long and straight enough to give yourself a great birdie opportunity, or is your wedge your strength. If so, laying up may be the way to go. 

Par 3s can be intimidating especially if they are surrounded by bunkers and you have to carry a large body of water. Turn on the Practice Green feature with SkyTrak and see how precise you are from easy to the hard green settings. Keep track of how many greens you can hit from each green size and shape. As the green size gets smaller, take a more conservative approach to each shot. You will not want to be aggressive when hitting into a smaller target. If you miss the green, the up and down percentage gets a lot more challenging. 

The main takeaway is to play to your strengths. It’s important to know when to be aggressive and go after those birdies and when to play for the center of the green and ensure your par. Use your SkyTrak and its immense features to help you prepare for both scenarios.