The Quickest Way to Lower Your Score…

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

As a former college golfer and former teaching professional, the most common question I received was how do I improve quickly.” The answer was always it depends.” 

More often than not, recreational golfers will go to the range and hit balls with no goal in mind. And, they focus most of their attention on the driver. Now, the driver is an important club. The further you hit it and keep it in play the easier it is to shoot a good score. Brooks Koepka is a great example of that. But, recreational golfers don’t hit the ball 300 yards. They tend to average 230 or less off the tee. So, why would you spend all the time on the range hitting a driver when you only use it 7 – 10 times during a round of golf? 

The area where every golfer can improve is the short game. The average golfer will hit 5 – 6 greens a round. So that means you are chipping the ball 12 – 13 times each round. If you’re not comfortable with your short game, you’re wasting shots around the green. You can easily turn a 75 into an 80 by not getting the ball up and down. 

With the SkyTrak Wedge Matrix and the Practice Greens Feature, you can drastically improve your short game. With the Wedge Matrix, focus on the pitch option when practicing. This allows you to get more comfortable around the greens and you will learn which wedges to use and the proper trajectory with each. 

Most golfers tend to use their most lofted wedge for each shot around the green. In most cases it’s a 60 degree wedge and most shots around the green do not call for that much loft. Try using less lofted wedges around the green and see how each wedge will work for different distances. Then, use the Practice Green Feature and see how close you get to the hole. Improving your short game is the fastest way to improve your game! Having a good short game allows you to save par and minimize the big numbers on a score card.