Take Your Indoor Practice to the Next Level

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

With all the uncertainty in the world, playing golf indoors may be your best option. So, take these tips on keeping your golf game sharp with indoor practice. 

Luckily, you have a SkyTrak and can practice anytime — day or night! Having structured practice when you can’t get outdoors allows you to keep your game in shape and transition to spring and summer golf easier. Through the various Game Improvement features available in the SkyTrak software, we will provide some tips on getting the most out of your indoor practice. 


We all know that the short game is the most important part of golf. The short game allows you to save par and avoid the big numbers when you mishit your approach shots. Under 100 yards is where you should be spending the most of your practice time. The average golfer misses 10 greens a round, so you will be faced with wedge shots ranging from pitches to full swings. This is where the Wedge Matrix allows you to dial in your wedge distances from pitch shots to full swing. Use your lob and sand wedge to go through each swing phase and see not only your distances, but your trajectory for each shot. The short game is all about creativity and imagination. Having the ability to hit multiple clubs the same distance will allow you to pull off any short game shot you face.

Wedge Matrix


It is no secret that the more greens you hit, the lower your scores will be. To keep your iron game in top shape, work on hitting greens while adding pressure into your routine. Start out with the Practice Range and add practice greens. Go throughout the entirety of your irons and hit 10 – 15 shots per green at your expected iron distance. Keep up with how many greens you hit and your tendencies (ie short left miss). Each week, examine your results and keep with up your stats. You will learn from each session how well you are hitting it and how to fix your misses. To add pressure into your practice, compete in a closest to the pin competition or a target practice challenge! Having one shot to hit a target will simulate the pressure you feel out on the course. When you practice with pressure, it will make the pressure shots you face on the course easier to handle!

Iron Play
Use the SkyTrak Range for Iron Practice


Being able to keep the ball in play off the tee and avoiding trouble areas is crucial in order to shoot your lowest score. With the driver, the strike is king. Where you strike the ball on the clubface will play an important role in the overall spin, direction, and distance. Some players don’t know where they hit the ball on the clubface. One tip to know exactly where you strike the driver is to use foot spray. Spraying a light coating on the clubface will allow you to see where you hit the ball and then with SkyTrak you can see the relationship between strike, spin, direction and overall distance. Use the Practice Range and turn on the practice fairway function. You can set the shape of the fairway and the distance to the corner. Hitting fairways is important, but keeping the ball away from penalty areas is the key to lowering your scores!

Practice Fairways
Set the doglegs and fairway type!