Spinning the Ball

/ By Will Blackard, Intern

Being able to put backspin on your golf shot is an essential step to elevating your game to the next level. With backspin, you can stop the ball on firm surfaces, attack tucked away pins, and have better control over your golf shots. However, a lot of amateur golfers struggle with this facet of the game either because they don’t know how to apply backspin or because it is hard to effectively practice.

Generating backspin begins before you even hit the ball. It is important to make sure that you are using good equipment. This does not necessarily mean using the nicest clubs or balls, you just want clean grooves on the club face and a soft core, scratch-free golf ball. You’re not going to spin the ball with a half-inch of mud on the club face!! 

In order to put spin on the ball, you must make sure to hit the ball first before making a divot in the ground. This requires a steep angle of attack, which can be achieved more easily by putting the ball farther back in your stance and keeping your hands in front of the club face at impact. 

With these ideas in mind, you will soon see your golf shot zip back like a pro’s.

Once you start to see some added action” on your golf ball, then you can begin practicing controlling that spin. When watching a PGA Tour event, you will often hear the announcers say he really needs to be careful about limiting the spin, here.” While backspin is a good thing, sometimes too much can spin your ball off the green and into trouble (think of Sergio Garcia’s 13 on the fifteenth hole of the 2018 Masters). To limit the spin, you must go back to a shallower downswing and pick the ball more cleanly off of the ground. Or, taking an additional club, and swinging a bit softer, should also do the trick. All of this is far easier said than done, but with the amount of reps and instant feedback a launch monitor like SkyTrak can give you, there is no better place to work on this aspect of your golf game.

For each shot you take, SkyTrak measures the spin on the golf ball (measured in RPM’s), and the ball’s reaction to that spin is reflected on screen. The best way to get spin feedback is through the SkyTrak Wedge Matrix feature. Not only because wedges are the easiest clubs to spin, but because it is with those clubs where your scoring is determined. Knowing how far you hit and how much spin you get with your wedges will sharpen your short game and lower your scores.