A SkyTrak Resolution! Goals for 2021

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

2021…. wow, 2020 is finally over! 

If you make a New Years resolution in your personal life, why not make one for your golf game? At the end each year I always look back and assess my strengths and weaknesses in every part of my game. Once I see where my weaknesses are, I make them my main goals for the following year. In college, my coach would make us write down our goals and put them on a white board where we can see them first thing in the morning. After looking back on 2020 here are my three goals to improve in 2021. 

  1. Improve wedge proximity to the hole.
  2. Improve iron game from 200 – 240.
  3. Improve green in regulation.

Looking back on 2020, my wedge game was not up to my normal standards. Around the greens I was still sharp, but I struggled with 30 – 60 yard shots. I tend to only use my 60 degree wedge on those shots and I was consistently leaving the ball short from those yardages. I plan to spend some time in the Wedge Matrix and really focusing on the ¼ and ½ shot swing lengths. Hitting different wedges from the 30 – 60 yard range will allow me to have more confidence when I get in those situations. 

2 Iron
Bag Mapping Session

The second area where I struggled with was long irons. Typically, when I hit my long irons its into a long par 3 or if I’m going for a par 5 in two. I struggle with contact and distance control. One area that I have looked at is my club makeup. In the top end of my bag, I carry a 4 – 6 iron, skip the 3 iron and I replace that with a GAPR 2 iron. The 2 iron is great for tee shots, but I struggle holding the greens if I go for a par 5 in 2. I recently added a 3 hybrid just to try it out. I used Bag Mapping to see if the 3 hybrid sits in my gapping better than the 2 iron. There was several things that s

3 Hybrid
Bag Mapping Session

tuck out. I had concerns about the overall distance and spin with my 3 hybrid. I thought I would be losing distance because of the increase in spin. Not only did I not lose distance, but the spin didn’t affect the ball as much as I thought. My launch was higher, which helps keep the ball on the green when I go for a par 5 in two. 

The final area in my game that needs attention is hitting more greens. One point that I always stress to my friends or students was to aim for the middle of the green and not go at every pin you see. I don’t always take my own advice and it costs me out on the course. There’s nothing worse than missing a green and leaving yourself a difficult up and down because you short-sided yourself. One of my favorite features is Practice Greens. Not only can you change the shape but you can change the size of the green. I set the green difficulty to hard and really try to focus on hitting the middle of the green. The more greens you hit the more opportunities you will have for birdies. 

7 iron
Hitting 7‑irons on the range
What are your goals for 2021? Set your goals and see how much you can improve this year with SkyTrak!