A New Approach to Iron Play

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

Growing up I was an aggressive iron player. I would go for any pin regardless of its location. I had a pretty good short game so missing greens was never an issue. But, I never gave myself many realistic chances for birdies. If I played well, I would typically have one to two birdies a round. As I got to college, I heard two phrases that would completely change my approach to iron play:

Aim small, miss small”

Take an aggressive swing to a conservative target.”

What do I mean by taking an aggressive swing to a conservative target? In most cases, aiming for the middle of the green is your best chance to hit the green. Even if you miss, the shot will still end up in a good position around the green. The chance of short-siding yourself goes down and in most cases, leaves you plenty of green to work with for the pitch/chip shot. 

It took several months to change my approach and get comfortable with the process of aiming for the middle of the green. But, after committing to this adjustment, I would average three to four more greens per round. However, during those times when I struggled with aiming for the middle of the green, I wish I had a SkyTrak sooner. Here’s why:

The SkyTrak practice range features Practice Greens. Not only can you change the size of the green but also the shape as well. Once size and shape are selected, the pin is placed in the middle of the green, therefore the target is the middle of the green. By not having to focus on the pin being on one side of the green really narrows your focus to the middle of the green. By taking an aggressive swing when focusing on the middle, dispersion shrinks, and you get an idea of the tendencies of the misses. And when your bad shots end up in better places around the green, saving par and shooting lower scores becomes possible.