Shaping the Ball on SkyTrak

/ By Will Blackard, Intern

Earlier this year, I saw an interview with Jordan Spieth. The interviewer asked him how he attacks pins, and he said quite simply that when the pin was on the left side of the green, he would try to draw it in and when it was on the right, he would try to play a fade. With this in mind, his goal was always to under draw or under cut it so that it would miss closer to the center of the green. He was explaining this with such ease, but I sat there in awe of how easy he made golf sound and how smart that style of play is. I had grown to accept that I can only hit a draw with my irons, but after listening to Spieth, I became more inclined to work on developing my ball striking and shot shaping ability.

I’ve always felt more comfortable hitting a draw, but this varies player to player. Something about keeping a closed stance (left foot in front of the right foot) and turning my hands over comes easy to me. Moving the ball from left to right is more difficult, but I know it’s important to learn because once mastered, it is the easier shot shape to control. 

While in this shot shaping frame of mind, I thought of the importance of being able to keep the ball low or hit it high. Unfortunately, I have been finding myself in tree trouble on the course lately. When this happened, I was able and prepared to hit a low punch by putting the ball further back in my stance and abbreviating the follow through. I’ve also faced situations where going low wasn’t an option. I had to hit the ball high to get over the trees. Practicing all of these shots is quite difficult so be prepared to hit a lot of shots before things start clicking. Fortunately, I had a secret weapon to assist with this Game Improvement quest! 

For SkyTrak users, there are a variety of practice features designed to help a player with their shot shaping skills. It’s as simple as placing a target green on the range, or if you want to attack the doglegs off the tee, try fairway practice. With extremely accurate ball flight data, you can see exactly what your ball does in flight. It’s not only fun practicing a punch hook or a high fade, but it’s also rewarding to see the results. And trust me…there will be results!!