Practice with a Purpose

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

As golfers, we have all experienced hitting the ball great on the range, but it doesn’t seem to transfer to the course. When that happens, we tend to go to the course with multiple swing thoughts and the score is nowhere near where it should be. As a former college player, I struggled with this concept in the beginning. I would hit 50 – 100 balls, then putt and chip on the green for five minutes before I started the round. But, I struggled taking my ball striking from the range to the course. My coach at the time suggested taking a new approach to my practice.

So, what do I mean by Practice with a Purpose? Set an expectation for each session. Having a clear goal in mind while practicing will help you transition your results to the course. 

Recently, I’ve struggled with my wedge game from 75 – 100 yards. Over the past couple of months, I have been struggling with excessive curvature with my irons and driver. My goal for the past week was to work on my 75 – 100 yard shots and hit about 50 balls each day. I also made it a goal to work on my overall shot shaping. 

Now, my life is very different than it was in college. During those four years I could practice whenever I want. Now, making it to the range is more difficult, and will become much harder as the days get shorter. But, I have the benefit of SkyTrak, and use it for purposeful practice every day on my lunch break. Last week I began working with the Practice Randomizer feature, hitting 50 of those 75 – 100 yard shots and worked on my shot shaping with longer clubs. 

As the week progressed, I started to see my proximity to the hole decrease and my overall confidence with my wedges increase. My dispersion with longer clubs decreased over time as well. The next time I got to the course, I played without stress because I put in the work over the week. Now, I have the ability to play golf again without having to think about my swing mechanics on the course. Having a clear goal to achieve while you practice will only lead to better results. Going to the range and hitting shots just to hit them will only go so far. The phrase practice smarter not harder” is one I have taken to heart.