NOW AVAILABLE — SkyTrak V 3.4.1

/ By Jordan Vogler, Content Specialist

As I’m sure you’ve heard, SkyTrak V 3.4.1 is now available for download. This entry is going to take a look at the new features associated with the release and how as a scratch player, I’m planning to use them. 

First up, the new Bag Management System. SkyTrak users now have the ability to identify the clubs currently being used in their bag. Users will be able to keep up with the data associated with each club and see how they are performing over time. 

My primary use for this feature is to be able to make informed club decisions. For instance, in tandem with the Bag Mapping feature, I’ll be able to notice if there are gaps in my bag and I’ll know when I need to add a club or take one out of the bag. I like to mess around with different clubs and having Bag Management will give me reassurance, knowing that my clubs are performing how they should be. 

The other big feature in V 3.4.1 is the ability to have multiple users. If you are a Golf Professional or Coach you now have the ability to keep up with all of your players stats and will see all of their data from previous SkyTrak sessions. This also applies to families as well. Also during any SkyTrak Challenge you can select each users profile account and add them to any challenge. Personally, I can’t wait to organize a Closest to the Pin contest here in the office and see my name atop the leaderboard! 

For PC users, you can download SkyTrak V 3.4.1 here

iOS and Android users, visit your respective app store to download.