My Favorite Feature

/ By Paul Calabrase, National Sales Manager

I’ve played competitive golf my entire life — Junior golf, High School, Division I and even a few years on the mini tours. Twenty years later, like most people, I don’t have the time required to play and keep my game sharp. By the time I get off work it’s too late to play and most driving ranges in my area close by 5 or 6 pm. When I do get the chance to play, I’m still able to find the fairway off the tee, but my shots into the green, specifically scoring shots of 100 yards and in are where my game suffers. However, setting up my own hitting room and adding SkyTrak with the Game Improvement Package has really given me the ability to practice more, while keeping a feel for those scoring shots. 

My favorite feature is Skills Assessment. By being able to customize my practice sessions, all while getting the real-time feedback I need to improve, Skills Assessment allows me to work on all clubs and shot types. The new randomizer feature also helps with real-life situations I may encounter on the course. With its versatility, I’m able to address any struggles I may be encountering with specific distances. If I need to work on an area, the Skills Assessment will definitely highlight the weakness. The best part, is that after a session I can export a report that shows me the results of each shot with dispersion to my target number. 

In short, the Skills Assessment not only allows me to keep my feel for scoring shots but the report also shows me where I need to practice more. And with the convenience and versatility of SkyTrak, I can go into my hitting room after dinner, or even late at night and work on my game. Leaving me with time to handle the more important things in life, like helping my daughter with her homework. 

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