Know Your Game

/ By Joe Hallett

Getting better never stops…and getting one number better may very well change that big number on your scorecard. With SkyTrak, lower scores come easy with all the cool things you can do — like bag mapping, practice greens and closest to the pin contests. 

Let’s get to know your game. 

Start with bag mapping. First, let’s learn TWO things: (1) How far the shots go in total yards and (2) how far they CARRY! Yes, it is very important to know how far your clubs go in total yardage ‑this is something that the LPGA players I work with (and their caddies) are fanatical about. However, that is not the most important part of the equation; it is how far the ball carries that is the REAL difference maker. This allows players to take out obstacles, hazards, and tough parts of the green by planning for their ball to carry a specified amount (Hint: they have learned this through their own form of bag mapping called practice!”)

Now, practice like a pro. Take some time, go through the clubs in your bag, and get the total yards and carry for each club. Once you have this, you will want to look for about a 6 – 9 yard gap between each club so that you have no uh-oh” zones in there. If you do have a gap, then get your list ready for Santa and plan on filling it! 

Now that you know those carry yards, add a practice green. Choose a yardage and then select the appropriate club (even your misses will end up better!). 

Finally, to help yourself on the course, go to the closest to the pin and hit shots that carry” to the front of the green and then carry” to 1 yard short of the flag. I bet you can already guess what’s going to get better when you are back out on the course. 

Remember, having to hit one more club’ than your friends may be a momentary pinch to your pride, but in the long run, it will be a smile on your scorecard. 

Joe Hallett is a PGA Professional and Top 100 Golf Instructor. He was also the recipient of the 2018 Horton Smith Award, awarded annually by the PGA of America.