How Do The Pro’s Do It?

/ By Joe Hallett

How do the pro’s do it you ask??? 

A question I hear a lot as a teaching professional who is blessed to work with some of the best. Is it a magic downforce ratio to the unwinding of the body, is it Hogan’s special grip, is it Tiger’s glute activation….well maybe.. but I suspect it is this. Over and over again in practice rounds I see player and caddy prep for the event and look at each hole determining the BEST and SMARTEST way to play it. So far, this seems almost obvious…but there is one thing that that is taken for granted that was figured out a long time back and continues to be checked on and relied upon. What is this mysterious, taken for granted fact? Simple- it is DISTANCE! 

I don’t mean how far they crush it; I mean how far they hit each club on average. The player and their caddies KNOW those numbers. You see, you and I may hit it a little wider (left or right) than they do – BUT if we don’t have a reliable idea of how far each club goes on average then we have a 4 way miss ( left, right, short, long). To put it bluntly — that just plain sucks if you are expecting to be a better player. 

Once you know your average yardage block (within 3 – 4 yards) that you hit each club in your bag – well, now you are just in charge of limiting your left and right (or getting rid of 1 completely!) miss. It’s kind of like having an invisible tour caddie on your bag 100% of the time when you play. You (and your caddy) will know the right club to hit rather than thinking if I catch this one great I can reach the green” etc, etc, etc. 

Now, here is the cool part. Your SkyTrak has a feature called Bag Mapping. I sense it should be called invisible tour caddie at your service. I can’t think of a better way to spend 45 minutes and learn how far your Driver through 9 iron goes (we can save the wedges for the Wedge Matrix). You tell me…45 minutes of effort on your SkyTrak and you may very well have 4.5 hours of FUN out on the course. Bag Mapping — the often overlooked – but Oh So Important feature that helps you to improve your game at home! Get to it! See you on the green- Joe Hallett, PGA