SkyGolf Signing Up New SkyTrak Showcase Dealers in the United States

RIDGELAND, MS – January 16, 2015 – SkyGolf introduces the revolutionary SkyTrak™ Personal Launch Monitor. SkyGolf is signing up Showcase Dealers in the United States to demo and sell the new revolutionary SkyTrak Personal Launch monitor and Practice, Play and Entertainment system. Interested dealers are invited to meet with SkyGolf representatives at Booth #1301 at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. January 21 – 23, 2015.

The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor is a complete Practice, Play and Entertainment System for golf at home. SkyTrak accurately captures thousands of data points from a golfer hitting balls with their own clubs into a net at home to simulate practice and play as if you were on the course or practice tee.

While entertaining, SkyTrak is not a toy, but a serious tool that accurately reflects the golfer’s actual skill level and shot results to provide year-round practice, play and game improvement when getting to the course is not possible. SkyTrak captures the actual ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and side angle to project the ball flight over a vivid 3D practice range. SkyTrak also offers various challenges for engaging practice such as Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive and Targets, along with Shot History Tables, Performance by Club, and helpful data screens. It’s easy to use, compact, totally portable with no wires required, and highly accurate, so improvements the golfer sees in their swing at home are improvements they can take to the course.

SkyTrak has announced it has entered into a licensing and development agreement with WGT Golf to integrate their mobile golf game with SkyTrak to offer golfers everywhere the freedom to play championship courses with their own clubs in a stunning, high-definition virtual environment. WGT Golf expects their integration with SkyTrak to be ready for market in 2nd quarter 2015, so SkyTrak users will be able join the over 10 million golfers worldwide playing the WGT Golf game with their own clubs and balls.

SkyTrak provides the accurate measurements of a commercial-quality product, at a fraction of the cost, to open up an entirely new world of game improving practice and hours and hours of entertainment to keep their games in tune. SkyTrak measures and then uses very sophisticated algorithms to produce highly accurate simulations of a golfer’s actual ball flight to improve their games and provide more fun. Weighing less than 2 pounds and under 7 inches tall, SkyTrak works wirelessly with an interactive App that runs on compatible iPads to create a practice environment that’s fun for golfers.

The Showcase Dealer program allows dealers to purchase a SkyTrak unit to demonstrate and use at their facilities as a magnet to attract customers or an additional benefit or service at a golf course. Dealers do not need to stock inventory. If they sell a unit, it is shipped directly to their customer and the Showcase Dealer is paid a commission. In addition, SkyTrak will provide a listing of Showcase Dealer locations on its website at the option of the Showcase Dealer.

Showcase Dealers are an integral part of our sales strategy,” stated Andy Allen, SportTrak’s Managing Director of Golf. It’s basically a win-win situation for both the dealer and their customers. Golfers can try it before they buy it and dealers don’t have to worry about stocking inventory. We currently have over 50 dealers signed up and are looking to expand in markets throughout the United States.”

Initially available for Apple iOS, the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor is available to ship immediately. For more information on the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor System, visit www​.sky​trak​golf​.com. For more information on becoming a SkyTrak Showcase Dealer, please contact SkyGolf at 866−312−1126.

About SkyGolf®

SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie, the #1‑Rated and Most-Trusted Rangefinder in Golf, is a private company specializing in the development of innovative positioning systems and technology specifically designed to help golfers play better and have more fun. SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of the PGA of Canada, PGA of Great Britain & Ireland, and PGA of Sweden.

The overall mission of SkyGolf is to help golfers play better with better information while respecting the long-standing traditions of the game. By using technology responsibly and within the spirit and rules of golf, SkyGolf provides golfers of all skill levels with better and more rewarding golf experiences. 

The Company’s innovative products include: SkyCaddie®, rangefinders that are preloaded and ready-to-play out of the box; SkyPro®, golf’s most powerful swing/putting analyzer and training tool; SkyGolf 360, golf’s fastest growing community where golfers can go to connect to their Game, their Courses, their Equipment, their Golf Professional and to one another; Swing Labs®, the golf industry’s first unbiased, performance-based fitting solution; SkyCourse™ Technologies, a company that equips golf course superintendents with tools they need to complete daily property management tasks with less effort, less time and less money, through a unique combination of precision GPS maps, web-based technologies and mobile mapping solutions; and the new SkyTrak™ Launch Monitor, the only company in the golf industry positioned to deliver game improvement solutions during practice, play, lessons and fitting at the course or at home.

For more information, visit: www​.sky​golf​.com, www​.sky​cad​die​.com, www​.golf​skypro​.com, www​.sky​trak​golf​.com, www​.swinglabs​.com, www​.sky​course​.com, and www​.sky​golfga​me​track​er​.com.

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