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Golfisimo includes entertaining games for the whole family. In addition, get everyone involved with competitive options aimed at improving short game, precision and playing under pressure. 

Golfisimo can be used independently, or merged with Creative Golf! 

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Golfisimo — Games to Improve Your Game!

Golfisimo software includes fun golf games for the whole family!

  • Target Golf: Players try to hit the center of a target. The target is scored, and the player with the most points win.
  • Bridges: The game is designed for two player, or two teams (red or yellow). Players try to connect three parts of a city by creating bridges between individual islands.
  • Barrels: Barrels is designed for two players or teams (red and yellow) for training short distance chipping. Players try to hit the ball into their barrels with red or yellow edge, in order to sink them under water.
  • Darts: The traditional application of darts. Participate in precision competition games like 301, 501 or high score.
  • Grand Slam: Designed for 2 or 4 players. The rules, scoring and display are similar to a Tennis match.

All this, plus much more!

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What Do I Need to Play?


Purchase a SkyTrak Launch Monitor, download the software and setup your hitting area

Game Improvement Plan

Must maintain yearly SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan

Minimum PC requirements:

- OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64bit

- Processor: 2.5GHz

- Memory: 2 GB

- Graphics: Dedicated 1GB Vram

- Internet connection: Yes — Always for cloud functions, once for license check, otherwise not necessary for local play

- Hard Drive: 5 GB (Golfisimo), 6 GB (Creative Golf), 33 GB (Course Library) – 42 GB (All in One)

Try Golfisimo for 30 days

30 days of fun for the whole family — who could say no to that? Download this 30 day trial of Golfisimo today.