This add-on plan is only available to members with a current Double Eagle Membership. 

Click Here for terms & conditions of the usage of this Multi-Device Add-On Plan.

The Multi-Device Add-On Plan allows up to two additional SkyCaddies in the same household to be added to your current Double Eagle Membership at no additional cost.  

 The Multi-Device Add-On Plan:
  • Has unlimited access to SkyGolf’s onDemand, worldwide courses (34,000+ maps)
  • Shares the Double Eagle PLUS 2’s membership benefits
  • Shares the expiration date of the Double Eagle PLUS 2 membership plan
  • Is limited to two qualified SkyCaddie devices, in addition to the primary Double Eagle PLUS 2 membership (for a total of 3 devices under 1 Double Eagle PLUS 2 Plan)
  • May only be used within a member’s household or residence
  • May not be resold or transferred to any individual outside of the household
  • Carries no cash value, and is non-refundable