SkyTrak — The #1 Choice For Indoor Practice and Simulation!

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SkyTrak — The #1 Choice For Indoor Practice and Simulation!

SkyTrak is an award winning launch monitor and simulator that is affordable, accurately measures multiple data parameters and only requires enough space to swing a club!

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Sky Trak requirements

SkyTrak vs. Radar

With SkyTrak, the only space requirement is that you’re able to comfortably swing a golf club!

Launch Monitor
Radar requirements

Radar Systems

Unlike SkyTrak, radar based systems can require up to 21 feet for accurate data.

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Why Choose SkyTrak For Indoor Use?

  • With SkyTrak, experience real-time, accurate ball flight and data without the need to mark or place any measuring device on the golf ball.
  • No confusion on where to place the ball. Find the red dot and swing away!
  • Access to tremendous software and mobile app. Multiple options for use of virtual driving range and game improvement features.
  • SkyTrak partners with all of the best simulation software on the market. You have your choice of where to play!
  • Long-lasting battery life makes SkyTrak portable — also provides numerous connection options.
  • Compatible with PC, iOS and Android devices.
  • Build out your sim room the way you want with no variables compromising the data and results.
  • 4‑time Golf Digest Best in Golf” award winner.
  • Winner of My Golf Spy Best Indoor Golf Simulator.”
  • Tested and Proven by thousands of satisfied golfers.