SkyTrak Golf Simulator Setups

Make Your Golf Simulator Studio A Reality

Imagine your very own golf simulator studio in the comfort of your home, basement, or garage. SkyTrak bundle packages make it a reality. These all-in-one solutions will help make the indoor golf studio of your dreams come to life. Starting with a SkyTrak launch monitor, these bundles include hitting mats, nets, impact screens, projectors, and more! Surround yourself in your very own immersive golf studio and elevate your golf simulation experience with SkyTrak!

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Outside

Curated Launch Monitor Setups

Net & Mat Setup


The two most popular accessories with a SkyTrak Launch Monitor are a mat and net to use at home or the office. This bundle includes a SkyTrak Launch Monitor, a Net Return Net, and Home Turf Mat.

Minimum Dimensions
8' High x 8' Wide x 10' Deep

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Net & Mat Setup

Software Setup


Our most popular items in one bundle! The SkyTrak Launch Monitor Bundle includes a SkyTrak Launch Monitor, a Protective Metal Case, and the first year of your Game Improvement Plan Subscription.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor With Software
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