E6 Connect

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Join the growing network of connected golfers and gain access to new courses, mini-games, skills combines, training aids and more with E6 CONNECT! 

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  • Real Time Peer to Peer (Included in the Basic or Expanded subscription)
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Multiple Tee Boxes
  • iOS Compatibility
  • Live Statistic Tracking
  • 4K Compatible Graphics
  • New Ocean Animation
  • LiDAR Mapped Courses
  • Enhanced Physics
  • Authentic Stimp rating
  • More Than A Game

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Upgrade Options for Existing E6 Users

Please be mindful that any course packs originally purchased with TruGolf E6 version 1.6 will not transfer over to E6 Connect. The E6 Connect Expanded Subscription includes ALL courses from Course Packs and more!

PC Requirements

  • Intel i5 Processor 
  • 8 GB RAM 
  • Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent 
  • Dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 Support 
  • 25 GB of Hard Drive Space 
  • Windows 10 (required)
  • Internet Connection (Required)

iOS Requirements (minimum)

Supported iOS devices: iPad Pro Gen. 1 or newer, iPad Air 2019, or iPhone 8 or newer. E6 CONNECT may not run well on older or weaker devices.