Activation Complete

Thank you for activating your SkyTrak membership.

What’s Next?

Any time there is a change in your membership (new purchase, an upgrade, or renewal), we need to transfer your membership license files from the Cloud” to your SkyTrak unit. There are two different ways to accomplish this: 


  1. Turn your SkyTrak on, launch the SkyTrak App with your iPad/PC connected to the Internet and choose network mode.
  2. The updated membership license files will be written to your SkyTrak unit automatically during the license check.


  1. Launch the SkyTrak App when your iPad/PC is connected to the Internet. 
  2. Wait 5 – 10 seconds and then select the profile menu in the upper right hand corner of your screen (the indicator should say Data Synced”).
  3. The next time you DIRECT” connect the SkyTrak App to your SkyTrak unit, the new membership files will be written to your SkyTrak.