Skycare Product Program (2 year)




Product Repair Program (2 Year)

The SkyCare Product Repair Program adds convenience and peace of mind by providing reduced repair or replacement charges for two full-years on covered accidental damage including hits by golf balls and mishandling during the normal course of use.

Under this program, one eligible repair per year will be provided at $199 plus shipping.  If additional accidental damage occurs or the damage is not eligible for the $199 repair, you will receive either a discounted rate of labor to repair your SkyTrak or a reduced cost to replace your SkyTrak if it is unrepairable.

The SkyCare Product Repair Program is valid only for new SkyTrak devices and must be purchased within 7 days of your SkyTrak’s registration date.  All SkyCare purchases are final and non-refundable . SkyCare is non-transferable from the original owner and non-renewable once the initial term ends.

There are no upgrades available from the 1 year to 2 year program.  SkyCare is available for US customers only. The SkyTrak Protective Metal Case is NOT included as part of the SkyCare program. The SkyTrak Protective Metal Case is recommended for all SkyTraks.  To purchase a SkyTrak Protective Metal Case click here.

What Types of Damage are Covered by SkyCare?

The SkyCare Product repair Program covers accidental damage during normal use including damage from mishandling and hits by golf balls. See Accidental Damage Repair and the SkyTrak Case conditions below.

What Types of Damage are Not Covered?

The following types of damage will not be eligible for the $199 repair:

  • Damage caused from ball or club strikes without the SkyTrak protective case and an impact bag
  • Intentional, deliberate or expected damage, or damage from use in a manner not intended for SkyTrak
  • Damage in falls from elevated heights; e.g. decks, windows, balconies, etc.
  • Cosmetic damage that does not affect or impede functionality
  • Damage from being run over by or falls from moving vehicles or carts
  • Damage from water or other liquids

How much will it cost to repair my SkyTrak with or without the SkyCare Product Repair Program?

SkyCare Plan and Repair Pricing

Repair Pricing Without SkyCare Plan/Protective Case

$199* (1 year) $299* (2 years) (*Must be purchased separately within 7 days of registration) Not Applicable. See Non-Warranty Repairs below.

Accidental Damage Repair

One instance per Year: $199* plus shipping (*Unit must be used with SkyTrak Protective Case Accessory & Impact Bag to qualify)   After one instance, see repair pricing under Non-Warranty section below.

Accidental Damage Repair

Not Applicable

Non-Warranty & Accidental Damage Repair such as Club Strikes  (unlimited instances)*

Parts + Labor @$40/HR or Refurbished Unit at $795**,  plus shipping with return of damaged unit.

*Includes all repairs not covered by warranty or the one-instance Accidental Damage Repair

**Subject to Availability

Non-Warranty Repairs

Parts plus labor @$80/hr. plus shipping (Typical charges estimated to range from Minimum $200 to $800 or more) If not reparable, a Refurbished Unit can be purchased for $1,195*, plus shipping

*Subject to Availability

Flash Consumable

LED Flash Board Consumable Replacement $149* plus shipping *Cost prorated if replacement required while covered under the Standard Warranty or the Extended Warranty

Flash Consumable

LED Flash Board Consumable Replacement $199* plus shipping *Cost prorated if replacement required while covered under the Standard Warranty or the Extended Warranty

Click here to view the SkyTrak standard/extended warranty.

I acknowledge that I am purchasing this SkyCare Product Program within 7 days of registering my SkyTrak device.  I understand and agree that if I purchase this SkyCare Product Program more than 7 days after registering my SkyTrak device, the Program is invalid and SkyTrak is not responsible for making any repairs, even if SkyTrak has accepted payment. For more information, please see the SkyCare Terms and Conditions