Range Servant TEE-UP Golf Mat





  • Tee Up Golf Mat: $499.00
  • Large Item S&H Fee*: $100.00
  • Total price (including fee): $599.00

    The TEE-UP Golf Mat is the closest comparison to real grass for a high-end practice experience. The TEE-UP Golf Mat is 5’ wide x 5’ long with the ability to use a wooden tee. With a turf height of 13/8” thick (which is 3 times thicker than our other mats), you can use the same tees as you do on the golf course. Keep your SkyTrak in place and tee up your ball on the red laser. Because this is a high-end mat, you don’t have to move your SkyTrak between using your irons and your driver.

    The TEE-UP has a 110 oz face weight nylon and 5/8” closed cell foam pad for a feel that’s lush, forgiving, and realistic. It weighs approximately 43 lbs and is approximately 2 ¼” thick, which is 2 to 3 times the total thickness of other mats. It is so close to real grass and don’t forget that you can even use a real tee.


    • Dimensions: 5’x5’
    • Weight: 43 lbs
    • Tufted Pile Height: 13/8”
    • Padding: 5/8”
    • Fiber Type: Nylon
    • Tufted Face Weight: 110 oz.

    * PLEASE NOTE: The item price for the TEE UP Golf Mat includes a Large Item Shipping and Handling Fee of $100.